The main difference between our technologies and other available implant delivery systems is the ability to achieve zero order release pharmacokinetics (i.e., maintain a constant rate of drug output over time) through passive (non-mechanical) diffusion.

One example of an active delivery implant system is the Duros® technology which uses an osmotic pump (moving piston) to enable a sustained drug release. Compared to active (mechanical) systems Delpor’s technologies offer several benefits including:

  • Reduced complexity in both manufacturing and operation
  • Enhanced formulation flexibility
  • Ability to deliver drugs that are not soluble  (i.e., use the drug in powder form
    not just in solution or suspension)
  • Enhanced capacity due to hollow internal structure
  • Lower cost of manufacturing

The ability to deliver sustained zero order release through passive (non-mechanical) diffusion overcomes several challenges and creates the potential for several promising products.

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