Bipolar disorder is a condition which involves alternating periods of mania and depression. The condition affects both men and women in approximately equal proportions and the exact cause is unknown. Symptoms include irritation, lack of self control, hyperactivity, bad temper, impaired judgment, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating, suicidal thoughts, social withdrawal, and many others. Patients are likely to abuse alcohol or other substances, impairing their judgment further and worsening the symptoms.

Similar to schizophrenia, patients suffering from bipolar disorder have a very low rate of medication adherence. There are several reasons why patients with bipolar disorder fail to take their medication including anosognosia (lack of awareness of their illness) and substance abuse. The nature of the condition is such that it affects the individual’s ability to exercise judgment and thus follow a consistent medication regimen.

Delpor is currently developing products which will offer the following treatment benefits:

  • 6-12 month system offering improved adherence to the medication
  • Ability to withdraw the medication if needed (not possible with the current formulations)
  • Superior pharmacokinetic profile (no peaks and troughs resulting in safety and efficacy)
  • Reduced cost (fewer relapses and doctor visits)

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