In addition to pursuing partnerships for our internal products, we are also interested in sponsored research arrangements. If you currently have an existing product (or if you are working on a new product) that can benefit from improved delivery, we would like to hear from you. Maybe an alternative way of administration will substantially improve the value of your existing product, or it may help overcome safety and efficacy obstacles in order to get your new product approved.

Here are some product attributes that will help you evaluate the potential fit of your product with our technologies:

  • High potency agents (in order to maintain the small size of the implant device and still load sufficient medication to provide therapeutic levels for a long period of time).
  • Agents that exhibit a good correlations between PK levels and activity.
  • Disease areas where a long acting formulation and a consistent PK, will improve the commercial value of the product by satisfying one or more unmet medical needs (Compliance, Safety, Convenience, etc).
  • Agents with safety and/or efficacy challenges related to administration.
  • Product areas where a long acting formulation will improve the cost of treatment.

For all Corporate Development Inquiries please contact us at: busdev@delpor.com

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