Delpor’s technologies enable the sustained, or pattern specific release of proteins and peptides as well as small molecules through a small non-mechanical (passive) subcutaneous implant device. The device can be implanted during a 10 minute, simple, in-office, procedure using local anesthetic and without the need for any surgical sutures.

We have the capability to deliver small molecules and biopharmaceuticals within a predefined therapeutic window over several months while maintaining zero-order release pharmacokinetics.

The benefits of such delivery include improved patient adherence to the medication, as well as patient convenience in the case where frequent subcutaneous injections are required. Our unique delivery technologies also result in fewer AEs and improved efficacy due to a smoother pharmacokinetic profile without any peaks or troughs.

Delpor has already conducted several in-vitro and in-vivo studies and has successfully completed the preclinical proof of concept on its technology platforms. We are currently pursuing a variety of products and indications.

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