The pharmaceutical and biotech industry is changing and all the players in the field need to evolve in order to survive. Pharmaceutical companies are faced with the reality of lost revenue and poor pipelines while the United States and many other nations are struggling to manage healthcare costs.

Healthcare costs in the US are estimated at $4 trillion in 2020, more than 15 times what was spent in 1980. This unprecedented growth has become an unsustainable burden to the government, employers, and consumers and is now a main policy priority for our nation and many other countries around the world. Our society can no longer afford to pay billions of dollars and wait countless years for the development of new therapeutics. Payers cannot continue to pay for therapies that fail in the majority of patients, and large pharma cannot continue to solve the problem of patent cliffs and a drying pipeline solely through consolidation and cost-cutting.

We have to be smarter and more efficient when we develop new therapeutics. We need to find ways to shorten the timelines, reduce the development costs, manage the technical risks, and improve the success rate of treatments. Healthcare cost management is not just about the cost of healthcare resources. It is about our efficiency in drug development, our ability to reduce technical failures, our success in treating patients, and our ability to reduce the usage of healthcare resources.

Delpor was founded with the vision of developing innovation that has a meaningful impact on patient outcomes and a positive effect on the healthcare system. What if we can improve clinical outcomes by using existing drugs? What if we can increase the efficacy of a drug while at the same time lowering its dose? What if we develop therapeutics which require fewer physician visits, reduce relapses, and minimize side effects and complications? What if we can go from preclinical research to an approved product in 5 years instead of 10? What if we can use technology to enable the efficacy and safety of new drugs that would not be successful otherwise? At Delpor we make it our mission to develop technology platforms that enable us to achieve exactly that. Our goal is to commercialize successful therapeutics in half the time and at a fraction of the cost to what has been required in the past.

Whether you are a potential corporate partner looking to enhance your pipeline, a scientific researcher looking for complementary technologies, or a potential employee looking for an exciting career, we appreciate your interest in our company and we welcome your inquiries.

Warm Regards,
Tassos Nicolaou
President and CEO
Delpor, Inc.